Sunday, 11 January 2015

Project Sudan is Underway!!

Firstly, please forgive the quality of the pics in this little article. Due to circumstances beyond my control I haven't got my lighting system and I've just switched from my Laptop to a Lenovo Yoga and frankly the software for pics compared to what I normally use (Photoshop) is complete rubbish. I've got a CRR/WR on it's merry way to me but as it hasn't arrived as of yet I'm having to make do. I'll re-process the pics as soon as I can install Photoshop! These pics are a bit dark and likely to be very large when you click on them, as I say, circumstances beyond my control.

The Sudan project is under way!!

It's been a while as I've had quite a few personal problems (still have!) since my last post but I'm beginning to get back into the hobby again so that in itself deserves a big "Hurrah!!"

I've manages to glue myself together the first 13 Beja (or Hadendawa in this case) and I'm quite pleased with the results. They were very easy to assemble, which counts for a lot when one has to assemble a mighty host; I've got three boxes to do in total! I'm going to do half as Beja and Half as Kordofani Tribesmen as I want the Beja to be as naked in terms of their clothing and the Kordonfani Tribesmen to be more fully clothed. I'll be mixing in a lot of metals on the bases too to keep as much variation going as possible. There are likely to be a few conversions as well but at this stage, lacking all my gear (I think I've got some Grey Stuff somewhere??) I'm going to stick to just well, sticking them together. I always find that this gives a greater 'feel' to how they can be varied so it's not such a bad thing to wait a short while anyway.

Tonight I'll take some shots of the plastics next to the metals as I'm sure that the former are slightly bulkier than the latter. Anyway, it will give me an idea of how to best fit them all in together in a particular unit. It might very well be the case that the metals have lower and less bulky bases in which case adding a piece of card/platicard below the bases of the metals will do the trick nicely.

For now,here are the pics of the plastics glued together:

So, until tomorrow and the comparison shots between the plastics and the metals, it's cheers for now.


  1. Darrell,
    Good to see these and will be interested how you paint them. I too am increasingly attracted by Sudan (& lovely Perry figs), but need to find an effective speed paint method for the Beja - Quick Shade/dip or the like - due to numbers needed.

    1. Hi Simon,

      Yeah, i know what you mean about needing to find a way of painting the hordes of Beja, Kordofani Tribes, N ile Tribes etc up quickly. I'm just going to go for the three layer approach but do it as fast as I can! I'm just too anal to dip the damn things :>)