Friday, 30 January 2015

Looking for 'in scale'Ammunition boxes for Sudan Royal Artillery Camel Train- any idea?

Hi folks,

Just a quickie as I'm pressed for time.  I've got Sick of it All in Newcastle as part of my Birthday do from last week tonight (NYC Hardcore Band- we toured with them in the early 90's). Have to prepare for that- cut hair, pretend balding pate is not there- pretend I'm fitter :>)

OK, I'm looking for some ammunition boxes that I can attach to the sides of the camels, something like the pictures below:

If anyone can think of a source then I 2ould be a very happy man as it will save me having to sculpt them. (I only have my metal sculpting tools at present and a lot of my modelling gear is in my ex girlfriend's garage!).

Here's another pic of what I've got thus far. Mini's are from Perry Miniatures British Camel Corps Command and British Camel Corps,rifles on hips the gun is an excellent resin casting from North Star form their North Star Arsenal which has some great stuff including a Maxim Gun that will be seeing service a later battle that I plan to put on. It is of course Omdurman. but enough of that for now. Let's stick to the Second Battle of El Teb for now!

Also, if anyone has any ideas about what miniatures I could use as troopers, either mounted or dismounted for the vignette then please do speak up as I'm a bit stumped on that one, the only pack thus far is the Perry Miniatures Naval Brigade Command pack below:

There are a couple of miniatures that could be feasibly used but the uniforms are obviously well out. What I really need is some British Royal Artillery chaps walking along with the camels.... again, i don't mind converting (I actually like it!).

Cheers for now.


  1. Hi - Old Glory has a pack of Royal Artillery crew in their Zulu range but I don't know how they'd scale:

    1. Thanks for that..... I'll investigate. OG usually aren't my 'thing' but you never know.....


    2. I hear that. Empress' crews are great but it'd be expensive to buy the guns to get them. This pack *might* be of use though:

    3. I'll enquire on the Lead Adventure Forum about whether the uniforms are the same or could be painted in as the same. Or any minor conversion work that would be required.

    4. The article on the Perry site shows the crews in Grey Serge. Could you use the guys from pack SB4, British Infantry Command, advancing?

  2. Very interesting post. I've seen Sick of it All, as well as hundreds of HC bands from all over the USA and some from the UK from 1980-1995! What band were you in?

    I've got a rather large and growing 28mm Sudan project myself. Yours looks awesome!

    I would suggest making boxes out an appropriate sized stick of balsa wood. Cut to size, score the wood with a pencil to make the outline of boards and use thin card stock or small thin pieces of wood for details.

    Sgt. Guinness

    1. Hi,

      I've seen too many to count over the years. We toured the UK with Slapshot and Sick of it All in the early nineties. The band was Voorhees and probably *the* premier HC band from the UK at the time. It's funny, you're not the only person I've come across into wargaming that was involved with Hardcore over the years.

      I've got to admit, SOIA were every bit as good, better in fact than they've ever been! Go and check them out if you get a chance. Also, I, not being as young as I was, not have a big lump above my right eye, a broken nose (again!) and a *huge* lump on the back of my head!! To quote Civ when he was with the Gorilla Biscuits, "Stage dives make me feel more alive, than coded messages in slowed down songs!" :>)

      I've sourced some boxes that should do the trick from Ainsty Castings who gave me a generous offer on the postage too. Nice guy.