Monday, 12 January 2015

Perry Miniatures Plastic and Metal Beja Comparison

As promised (how very unlike me!) here are a few comparison shots of the Perry Beja in Metal and in Plastic. I've left the metal one's without an undercoat for now so it's obvious which mini's are which.First, before any discussion here are the comparison shots:

The first thing that struck me is that the metals are slighter than the plastics, not by much but it is noticeable. Not by all that much and with a lick of paint I don't really see that the size difference will be obvious without really scrutinizing the miniatures. What i am looking to do is get as much variety in the units as possible so with the addition of the 12 or so packs of metals this should be a very achievable aim.

So, how does the detail on the metals compare with the plastics? Generally the metal miniatures have more character and are in more dynamic poses too. The character of the metals is however offset not just by the cost of the plastics but the conversion possibilities they present. I'm really looking forward to hacking a few of the plastics up and creating some casualties as well as a series of vignettes that i have planned. This of course all be published and discussed in detail in future posts. For now it's a matter of getting used to the plastic mini's before embarking on any chopping! I find that if you give yourself a chance to get 'used to' plastics then you get a much better feel for conversion possibilities and perhaps more importantly, what will look right.

OK, it's late so that's it for now.



  1. Thank you for the comparison pix. Perry metals have that style, don't they? :) I don't have any Ansar yet, but I'm painting some British now, making good progress, and enjoying them.

    Looks like your metal Ansar will fit in well w/ the plastics. Variety is a good thing.

  2. The comparison is very interseting when see in this manner Darrell. The variation in my humble opinion is very much acceptable - have a walk down the street and see how different people are framed and muscled etc. I think Perry make some of the finest figures and do struggle at times to understand the criitiscm that gets leveled at them on occassions. The hobby would be much poorer without them!