Thursday, 29 January 2015

Conversions- Mounted Kings Royal Rifle Corp and RN Camel Screw Gun Train

I've had a pretty busy day today so I'm pleased with the work that I've got done tonight. Basically I've cleaned up the Perry Mounted Camel Corp troopers which will be used as the Mounted versions of the Kings Royal Rifle Corp for the Second Battle of El Teb. They will be accompanying the 19th and 10th Hussars as part of Rear Admiral Sir William Hewett's Cavalry Brigade in support of the Infantry Square.

I've started with the cavalry for one simple reason, although I love painting horses, they do take up quite a lot of time and as the Cavalry Brigade had been re-mounted on Egyptian Ponies (they suffered the rigours of the Sudan much better than the original British horses). I'm guessing that there wasn't much leeway for finding mounts of a similar colour so the horses will all have to be painted in different colours which adds to the time it will take to paint them up.

I've got to put in an order for the rest of the Cavalry Brigade which I'll be doing very soon. That of course leaves the infantry, rather a lot of them at that (taken from Warlord Games, Blood on the Nile supplement for Black Powder):

1st Infantry Brigade:
Commander: Brigadier General Sir Redvers Buller
3rd Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corp- 16 mini's.
1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders- 20 mini's
2nd Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers-16 mini's

2nd Infantry Brigade:
Commander: Major-General J. Davis
Royal Marines- 16 mini's
1st Battalion The Black Watch- 20 mini's
1st Battalion The York and Lancaster Regiment
Gatling Gun (RN Crew)

So, back to what I was saying, for me it will be easier to get the cavalry/mounted infantry done and dusted first then move on to the infantry who do not require Egyptian Mounts!!  I'll be adding some KRRC on foot in the event they see fit to dismount- that will be in my next order to Perry Miniatures

In the pic below you can see the mini's prepped ready for some putty action tomorrow:

As well as the KRRC I've been working on a vignette style 'unit' which will depict a Royal Artillery camel train carrying a 7pdr Screw Gun. Again, I've collected the component parts including a really beautiful resin 7pdr Mountain Gun from North Star (I'll be ordering a few more too as they will be more than useful on the NWF!!), the camels and I'm still deciding whether or not to try to convert some of the royal Perry Miniatures Navy Command pack into troopers assigned to the Camel Train or to go with Mounted Models. Time to sleep on that one methinks.

Cheers for now.


  1. This looks really good! :) I think you made the smart choice here.

    I've been painting away on my Empress Mounted Infantry, they should be done soon.

    1. Have you got a blog Tvoyu Mat?

      It would be great to see them.


  2. Here you are:

    Not much is posted yet, but I'm cranking away on several things. :)

    1. Looks good. Keep beavering away and you'll find yourself talking to the PC as you go along LOL :>)

  3. I love the idea of the Artillery vignette, will certainly following that one with interest.

    1. I can't wait to get to it to be honest Michael. I've got to find two in scale boxes to use as ammunition holders. I reckon Aisnty Castings... have to check 'em out now! I'll post up a pic of what I've got in mind later today if I have time.Sick of it All gig for my Birthday celebrations from last week tonight!

  4. That bloke in the last pic's been riding too much - he now walks bow-legged!

    Ainsty will be at York, Darrell ... another reason why you should brave the snow and ice ]:-)

    1. :>)

      Yeah, I was thinking of mail ordering as the train fare is £34. and then there's the bus fares to and from the race coarse.... all adds up and takes hobby money out of my wallet! :>)