Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Shooting Leave and Just Add Water Blog Amalgamation


This will be the final post for the Shooting Leave Blog. 

It's not that I've suddenly stopped being interested in Colonial gaming, far from it in fact, especially with the new Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Sepoy releases by Empress Miniatures!! 

I've just decided that it would be easier and more compact to have the blog amalgamated with my Just Add Water Blog which, for those of you who may not be aware of you can find HERE! 

My La Journee Blog and Gewalthaufen Blogs will continue to deal with the HYE ear and the Late C15 to early C16 warfare respectively.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Urgently Wanted; 4th/5th Edition Bretonnians for Bodkin's Second Day Out Demo Game!

Hi guys and gals,

I'm urgently in need of the following 4th or 5th Edition Bretonnian models, I forgot which edition they actually were(?).

They are for the next Bodkin's Day Out in Terms of Demo Games so they will be well used and will not be sold on to make petty profit! I cannot reveal the name of the battle nor am I able to confirm any ideas you guys and gals may have. you'll have to wait and see. It will almost certainly be at Partizan next year and will be a real sight to behold just as the last game was which was held at The Other Partizan to be held at Kelham Hall.

Pics of the game can be seen HERE!

Here are the pics of the miniatures I'm looking for. I don't mind paying for them at all but I'm not going to pay silly amounts of money for the mini's. I hope I don't sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet too much but it should be enough to know that they are going to be painted up and be taking their rightful place in as beautiful game that Dave Andrews, David Imrie, Simon Chick, Matthew Bickley, Andrew Taylor and myself can ,manage.

Here they are:

Thanks for reading folks.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Battle of Ginnis, Perry Towers

If you're a fan of The Sudan and Perry Miniatures and have a minute or two spare I'd go to the link HERE if I were you!

Sample pic from their game below:

Apologies for the paucity of the post but I'm knee deep in Ikea hell at the mo'.

Bye for now

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Indian Mutiny/NWF Rock

Not a particularly very exciting entry at present as I've just completed a rock and thought that it ought to be documented! I know! LOL :>)

This is however significant in that I've been torturing myself a little over whether to present the Indian landscape and soil as rich in iron giving it a reddish appearance or whether to double up my NWF terrain with my Indian Mutiny terrain. I've decided upon the latter as this is going to save a lot of time and effort. It might not be 100% historically accurate for the Mutiny campaigns that I have in mind but it will the terrain pieces will certainly do the job that I'm looking for and I can happily settle for that.

The rock is made out of bark chippings and old Greystuff (that is off and not suitable for sculpting proper. The grey stuff fills all the gaps in the terrain and I sculpted it to match the barks rocky texture by wetting a piece of bark and pressing it into the Greystuff with persistence.

So, without much further ado, I present to you [drum roll......]; a rock!

Bye  for now

Friday, 7 August 2015

North West Frontier, Brits with Grit! Close Up Shots!

After being offline all day yesterday it's my pleasure to add to the images of the Brits taken the day before yesterday:

Bye for now

Thursday, 6 August 2015

North West Frontier, Brits with Grit!

Just taken a few snaps of the Renadra Mud Hut and my Artizan 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot.

Constructing the building was a simple process though there were quite a few gaps that needed filling. For some reason I chose to fill them with Milliput, which came away in places due to the tool I was using having to be dipped in water rather a lot. I wouldn't let this put you off putting the model as it is really nice and the very subtle detail really doesn't come across viewing it on the net. It beats getting out the filler and mixing it with sand which always produces a rather unrealistic effect IMHO.

Anyway, here's the pics:

Bye for now

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Unpainted Mini Sale!

I've got a few mini's that I'd like to sell-

Wargames Foundry 1A- £1.

Wargames Foundry 1B- £1

GW Metal Pegasus- £6.

Salute 2014 Freebie- £5.

Warlord Freebie (?)- £3.00

Buyer Pays Postage- I'll try to fit the smaller mini's into a First Class or Second Class (your choice) envelope within the UK

Will be happy with Paypal but please pay as a gift- I'm an honest man and you will receive your mini!

If you're interested please contact me via my e-mail address below:


Pics are below:

GW Metal Pegasus- £6.

Wargames Foundry 1A- SOLD

Wargames Foundry 1B- SOLD

Salute 2014 Freebie- SOLD

Warlord Freebie (?)- SOLD

Bye for now.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Just Add Milliput....... Renedra Mud Hut


Just a quickie to say that I last week I finished the Renedra Adobe Mud Hut plastic kit. Overall I was quote impressed by the kit although it did need some filling as you can see in the pics below. Next I plan on buying one or possibly two kits and doing some conversion work (one I have recovered my razor saw's from the Garage of Doom and /or moved house!).

Pics up of the painted article just as soon as the varnish has dried!

For now here's the kit bases and filled!

Bye for now

Friday, 24 July 2015

Not my Painting But Too Lovely Not To See!!

Colonel Mike Snook, author of some very fine Military History books posted on his Blog that he would be happy for the painted images of his beautifully sculpted Iron Duke Miniatures, Indian Mutiny range sold by Empress Miniatures to be ripped and placed into cyberspace.

The range is so wonderfully researched by Mike and finely sculpted by Paul Hicks that it would be very rude of me not to include some images from his website- note that i have not had a hand in painting these lovely mini's.