Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Finished Baja Bases and Sneak Peek!

So, I finished the first two test bases of the first Beja unit a little while back but couldn't find the time and room on the painting table to take any pics. This I did today having finished glossing and matting the Mounted Infantry for the Second Battle of El Teb.

First the Beja bases. I'm really pleased in the manner in which these mini's have come out. The skin tones are almost exactly what I was looking for and the basing has worked well and as it's a light desert colour it really sets off the miniatures. The Glossing and Matting down phases of painting cannot be overstated IMHO, the Gloss smooths and blends whilst the Flat Matte gives the miniatures in a really pleasing look  without the glare of the light which one gets when leaving miniatures unvarnished.

Take a look for yourself, hopefully you will agree that they're turned out well(?):

As I've mentioned I also managed to get the Mounted Infantry conversions for El Teb finished but as yet they remain un-based. The Matting Agent I use can easily take 12 hours to go off and be completely dry. It's worth it as it is by far the best Matte Varnish that I have ever used. I don't miss the old formula Dulcote at all these days.

In all there are six mini's that were requited. Here's a Sneak Peek prior to basing:

That's all for today. I've got a lot to do tonight..... ;>)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

For Sale: Wargames Foundry PAINTED North West Frontier Afghans

I'm looking for £48 which is well worth it considering the time, care and attention put into painting the miniatures up!

Payment via Paypal.

Buyer pays postage.

If you're interested please e-mail me at:

Here's another pic:

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New Artizan Designs NWF (No Pics!)

Here's the links.....


British Infantry Marching:

Highlanders Marching rifle at trail:

Highlanders at Ready:

British Infantry Kneeling. In Poshteens.:

Hopefully we will see some NCO's for all the troop types available thus far. That's the only reason why I haven't spent quite a lot of money on this range. It has great promise, I really hope that it does become the premier range for the NWF as I love Mike Owen's sculpts- bags of character and brilliant for the (large-ish) skirmish level that I have planned.

Bye for now.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

General Roberts, Second Afghan War

I was recently sent a conversion of General Roberts to paint up who led the British army the Second Afghan War. The mini is a Perry Miniatures figure form their British High Command on English Mounts pack (The Graham figure at the right) with a poshteen added and a suitably whiskery Victorian beard! I have to admit that the NWF is one of the (semi-new) areas of modelling/wargaming that I was looking at the mini wish some relish when at the prospect of painting it up. I even had a go at converting a Third Afghan War mini from Studio miniatures but with less than satisfactory results! (you can see my in an earlier post HERE).

Genaeral Roberts met with great success during his efforts in the Second Afghan War which was to include his famous forced March to Kandahar following on from the British disaster at the Battle of Maiwand where he decisively defeated the army of Ayub Khanon September 1st at the Battle of Kandahar which pretty much brought to a close the Second Afghan War which was concluded at the Treaty of Gandamak.

Well, the mini is now done and here are the pics- hope you like them(?):

Bye for now.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sudan Swag from Vapnartak, York Show Feb 1st 2015

Well, I got back about 7pm, prepped my meal, edited a load of pics taken at the show (they will be making an appearance on my Just Add Water Blog  tomorrow as I'm too knackered now!

I thought I'd share my Sudan Swag with you and a few notes to go with what I bought and why.....

Yesterday I was convinced that I was not going to make the effort and go to the show, just didn't feel like it really but come 9am this morning I got the itch...... and that was it, quick wash, down to the train station and down to York! Got the bus right up to the end of the road that leads to Vapnartak and was at Dave T's stand by 12:30! Immediately picked out the packs I wanted barring three that had evidently already been sold. Asked Dave to keep them for me until later so I wasn't humping them all 'round the show- my bag was already filled with a down lined puffa jacket and a woolly hoody!

Swag wise, it was a good day, likewise, socially it was nice too. I got to see Andy S, Simon Curtis, Dave T, Neil, a few of the Durham Club lot who's names I forget!! Sorry chaps! I didn't have the chance to see all the games, nor indeed all the traders, it was really a case of pick out the traders I wanted to buy from and then try to find the time to look at some of the beautiful games that were on display.

What was I on about originally? Oh yeah, swag! Well, it went a little something like this......

Mini's are all Perry Miniatures except where stated:

Well, the conversions that I've been working on for the Mounted KRRC at El Teb will need to dismount at some point won't they!!?? One or two will be making their way to the Mounted Royal Artillery Camel Vignette that I'm working on. Strictly speaking the Royal Artillery would not have been wearing the Camel Corp kit at El Teb but I'm making a serious exception as they were kitted out thus at Abu Klea


Some of these fine lads will be making an appearance in various regiments and some are destined for command base vignettes, that type of thing. Nice standing poses usually do very well on vignettes often having the same sense of interaction as the more dramatic poses.

These lads will likely be included in the commands of a marching and running at trail British infantry regiments.

They fought at El Teb so it would have been silly of me not to have bought them whilst I had the chance. Unfortunately with me getting to the show at a relatively late hour I'd missed the chance to purchase the 10th Hussars, who will have to be ordered soon as I want to complete the Cavalry Brigade before that of the infantry for reasons explained in an earlier post.

Ditto. I bought two packs so I'll have one spare as I'm looking for a unit of 8. Thinking more about the Cavalry Brigade, my plan is to buy six models each of the 19th and 10th Hussars respectively so they can be used in later battles. At El Teb the Brits had not encountered the Mahdist tactic of lying prone when attacked by cavalry, to spring up at the last minute and ham string the horse to get at the trooper! I expect that they felt this ruse to be most unsporting!

Gotta, gotta have a Gatling!

Needed for the command of the Mahdists and will of course be included on a command stand or two, possibly three!

One or two of these will be added to a British regiment! What?? Eh?? You'll see. Quite simple really.

Bearers - DA021

Well, someone has to carry the baggage for the officers.... By Gaw'd you simply can't have more than one bat man you know!

Ainsty Castings- Trade Goods

A couple of crates to be added to the Mounted Royal Artillery Screw Gun Train. The rest will appear dotted around the place here and there.

Dave Lancaster Books (link HERE!)

I bought both the books below from Dave who always has a bountiful supply of interesting reading material. From Ancient to Modern warfare, from Osprey to Academic. Always worth visiting at shows. I usually want to buy a host of books but usually settle for just one or two as I need to make sure I actually read them. There really are times in the past where I've got over excited and bought too many damn books and some, sadly enough, remain unread. The shame! :>)

I was very pleased to get this having read Go Strong into the Desert and Into the Jaws of Death. Both of which, although different in terms of style and academic intonation, are extremely accessible. What the man doesn't know about Late Victorian warfare......  the books are very informative and cleverly avoiding the dry trap that some academic writers can fall into when writing a book for general consumption.

Like Wolves to the Fold, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Snook

Omdurman, Philip Ziegler

To be honest I'd never heard of Philip Ziegler until I noticed this book. Bought second hand and at £5. it had to be worth a punt. My copy has an older cover and has clearly been read by its former owner/s. 

And that, as they say, is that.