Saturday, 31 January 2015

Corp Camel Artillery Train Conversion Part One

Not exactly a great leap forward but after consulting someone 'in the know' about matters concerning Uniform I have learned that the Artillery would have been in- direct quote verbatim from the Perry site:

"16. Royal Artillery
This is their probable uniform at El Teb. A Forester’s drawing of the battle of Ginniss depicts them in what looks to be a mix of home service dark blue trousers and either dark blue or khaki frocks. Puttees are either dark blue or khaki."

So. I've decided upon using the existing Camel Corp packs for the sake of simplicity and the following mini's:

Whilst it does mean cleaning up another couple of camels and four figures it is certainly easier than filing away at the Empress Royal Artillery mini's that I had started to think of using and will save on putty time too so I can put aside the hour a day I do for putty use for one or two days! Hurrah! I'm trying to do a little putty work converting mini's for an hour a day with a view of building up to doing full sculpts. I realise that this may be a long way off but if you don't start somewhere, where will you start?

Well, that's the components of the vignette sorted out so the next time you see these mini's 
(assuming I don't have a drastic change of heart about the mini's accompanying the gun) they will be painted up and based.

Bye for now. 


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    1. They will be once I've done the conversion LOL- with any luck! :>)