Friday, 1 May 2015

Indian Mutiny Additions

So, when visiting Salute I put in an order for all of the packs of Iron Duke Miniatures from their Indian Mutiny range. The sculpts are just so gorgeous! The first packs are dynamically posed in attacking mode, according to the drill of the time and have a definite aggressive appearance that is very appealing. I have wanted to game the Indian Mutiny, also know in India as the First War of Liberation, for many a year but for some reason I have held back on the project. I'm not sure why as there are great ranges from Wargames Foundry and Mutineer Miniatures out there already.

The latest up and coming soon additions to the Iron Duke Miniatures range will be a set of 'Generic Infantry Officers', 'Generic Second Ensigns', Indian Drivers for Water Carts and Bullock Drawn Artilliery as well as the Horse Artillery which are sculpted at a gallop. I'm so excited about this range; it has been expertly crafted by Paul Hicks, who incidentally has his own company, Mutton Chop, which provides some WWI sculpts just to mention one range. With the expert help of the author of Go Stong into the Desert, Mike Snook, published as many of you will know by Perry Miniatures the Iron Duke range promises to be the most coherent and up to date range based on primary sources out there.

Here are a few pics of what we can expect to see in the not too distant future:

'Generic' British Ensigns (Front)

'Generic' British Ensigns (Back)

'Generic' British Officers

Indian Mule Drivers

Horse Artillery Horses At the Gallop

I've got more conversions of the Perry Plastic HYW English Archer conversions that I have been working on (see my La Journee Blog HERE and HERE for details on these), but I'm going all out to try to fit in a regiment for the mutiny if I can find the time. They will certainly be complete within a week though I may have to order another pack to get the right feel to the regiment which could add a few days, though not many as Empress Miniatures who retail for Iron Duke Miniatures are usually very efficient in processing orders.

Bye for now.