Saturday, 18 April 2015

Salute Bloggers Meet Up

Darrell Hindley (moi) is posting this pic..... care should be taken when approaching this individual..... he has a dark sense of humour!

I hope to see you all there. apparently my services are not needed by the Lance and Longbow soc so I'll be free all day. We need to arrange a time and a place me thinks......


  1. Come and join the real Bloggers meeting, 1pm in the centre of the hall, marked by a big red dot, on the map on my blog.

  2. Avoid at all costs?

    I'll be there, hope to pass you.

  3. I won't be there. I don't think my nerves could handle London or the show.
    Next shows for me are the DWG Open Day, Triples and Partizan. I would have liked to of gone down to Weymouth (as I spent most of my childhood holidays closeby) but its the day before Partizan and not even the lure of the Tank Museum or D.H. Lawrence collection can argue the case to meet the cost to go down there. I did look at Diceni at Norwich, but again, the cost made it prohibited.

    1. i know what you mean about London. I'm staying down there with my sister safely in Bromley so that's OK. Bit of a trek to Salute but at least I'll get fed and watered! :>)

      I'll be at Partizan Roy so we'll have to meet up for a coffee matey.

      DH Lawrence collection would be interesting.... jaded art student that I am. Shame many of his paintings were burned by the public hangman!!


    2. Why the heck did I write D.H. Lawrence?! My head's all over the place today. Sorry, I meant to write T.E. Lawrence. I'm surprised I remembered who D.H. Lawrence was.

      Partizan. Yeah, I doubt I'll have any money to spend, so I'll be mainly walking the halls and checking out what's what. So I'll have time to burn.

  4. Maybe you have repressed sexual desires? LOL :>D

    I'll be doing the same matey.... post Salute i'm not expecting the coffers to be overflowing!!

    T.E. Lawrence would be just as good :>)