Wednesday, 8 January 2020

I've just looked at their Newsletter and I'm over the moon about these!!

"Michael has been working on a box of plastic Afghan/North West Frontier tribesmen for a few months, to oppose the British infantry already available. These will be produced after Alan's Napoleonic Austrian cavalry are released. There will be ten different torsos and a large variety of arms and heads and will include a few Brown Bess and Sniders as well as jezails. There will be enough sword arms to equip all with them if you wish and the box will contain 36 tribesmen including command. There's no release date as yet."

I can now concentrate on collecting the Afghan Regulars and not worry too much about the 'Tribesmen', of course there will be a good sprinkling of the metals on the bases too!!

I really love the posing of the three ups we see here.

I'm looking forward to seeing what is possible with other variations on the torsos. I guess the crouched torsos will have to remain just that.

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